Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tomato Cutworm

cut worm 1
I found a hole in one of the Tomatoes. I plucked the tomato from the plant and yelled into the hole.
cut worm 4
This pesky caterpillar emerged defiantly.

You wait and wait for a tomato to grow and then one of these critters comes along and spoils it :)
cut worm 5


  1. What kind of funny looking 'mater is that?

  2. Lol!! Reminds me of the story: "The very hungry Caterpillar!"

  3. They are the elongated kind :)
    Disgusting yes.
    Hungry for sure and eating what we meant for our salad:)

  4. I just found a hole in each of 3 tomatoes, but I didn't keep them or poke in the hole, LOL. Why do you say it's a cut worm? As far as I know, cutworms eat around the stems of young plants, not into fruits... but I might be wrong.


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