Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Media Belongs To The Cons

We have all been witness to the death of true journalism in the main stream media. K-Strass the Yo Yo master has delivered the preverbal death blow to WSAW sunrise 7 with this masterful performance recently!

the original video has been pulled by the station which does not seem to have a sense of humor despite the perky personas of their on air personalities.  Here he is on another news outlet working his magic!


Here is WSAW’s attempt to get the station back on course to who knows where by finding a true yo yo master. Zammy appears to be  a young Goth they have brought out of the shadows to resurrect their reputation as a credible news organization. He is certainly much more disturbing than Kenny Strasser even with his genuine skills with a yo yo. I give you Zammy!