Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It All Started In The Year 1927

A baby girl is born into the world and begins the journey through time and space to fulfill her destiny. On Saturday May 1, 2010 she is headed North on Dale Mabry when she turns right on a red light into Britton Plaza on her way to Big Lots. She does not let the silver Scion Xb stand in her way and before you know it the bumper of her Ford van is grinding along the side of the GOBOX.

GOBOX dentGOBOX dentGOBOX dent After several days her insurance company State Farm calls us up and gives us the ok to pick a body shop and have repairs made. State Fram is paying for everything including a rental car! I visit a couple and realize there is really no way to know who will do the best job. I settle for Eur-Am auto body close to our home.

We shall see how this drama ends within a couple of weeks I hope.

GOBOX dent

I will report the results when we get the GOBOX back.