Thursday, May 6, 2010

Freddie Mac Needs More Money

10 Billion ,and where are they trying to get it….. from the taxpayer.


Here are a few screen shots there web site from today and they have so much to say about all the good they are doing.


Look at all they have accomplish in the first quarter of 2010! Now it is time to actually pay for all this wonderful work they are doing on our behalf. They have not helped you? To bad fork over the money this is not about you it is about getting people into homes who cannot afford to own homes.

Here is more help if you would really like a home without paying for it!


The President is making homes more affordable for anyone who does not have the means to own one or anyone who has already taken the government up on their offers and now finds themselves with the rug pulled out from under them. How can the president help? He can tax working people out of the money they earn to live their lives and slowly and painfully spoon feed  it to you after you relinquish any freedom you once had to prosper for yourself.

10 billion is this month request but you can be sure the requests will just keep on coming.