Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Talkative Heroes

Born and raised on the fine continent of America I am very happy with the Representative Republic as it was meticulously assembled by our God fearing founding father. I am not for creating dependency on a massive central government and I detest the socialist direction our current admiration is quickly developing in our nation. I do not want the “Fundamental Change” Obama is actively  pursuing as you read this post. America will cease to be who we are if we compromise our constitution and our bill of rights.

There are two heroes who are in agreement with my principle and values. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are amazing. They are so right so much of the time I am inspired by their programs.

One of the most compelling aspects of what they do with conviction, humor and optimism is the singular fact that none of our opponents ever directly challenge their carefully researched facts. Make no mistake, if these two champions were not being as honest and factual as they are their many enemies would have long ago been able to discredit them. The truth is they are so breathtakingly aware of what is happening in this country and so versed in the universal common sense that made this country the leader of the free world that the cowardly liberal progressive never dare debate them on the facts. They simply label them arrogant, racist, hate mongers and are attempting to criminalize their dissent in order to one day silence them. A true leader is one who welcomes debate and dissent with the knowledge that if his principles are right they will prosper.

If you do not already listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck you should. Your eyes will be opened to what is really happening in this country. I have listened long enough to find that they have been right on. Listen for a while and decide for yourself.

Thank you Rush and Glenn for your willingness to speak out no matter the cost.