Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Awana Of The Year

Last evening was South Tampa Fellowship’s first Awana meeting of the new year and things were hopping. I have got to tell you yet again what a joy it is to be a part of a church like STF. This is the first year that I am official wearing the blue and red polo and as a helper in the older twos and threes I am finding myself delighted.

I am helping one of our super moms in this class which is called the lions. we had 11 little people two whom I met for the first time. This world is in such desperate need of honest to goodness, no strings attached, Christ like Love. Awana also focuses on the word of God and memorizing the word to transform the mind.


I have not recorded everyone’s image but here are the majority of those intrepid individuals who are speaking the Word of life into the lives of our beloved little people.

Thank you again for this rare group Lord it is an amazing thing to be a part of all this great fellowship!

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  1. Thank You Jesus for Billy and this body of loving servants because of who You are and what You have done in our lives.
    I Praise Your holy name!


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