Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Bees In 2010



The bees have been with us off and on for about 8 years. If you build a bird house apparently they will come. I have grown to love the bees and it is comforting to know that even if I am napping they are hard at work. Bees are one of God’s most inspiring creations!

This video was recorded with a Canon SD960. It is proving to be a great compact pocket camera!

Bees in the bird house

Bees in the bird house

Bees in the bird houseBees in the bird house

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  1. I absolutely LOVE honeybees and their honey of course!! These creatures are certainly amazing. They don't fuss or argue with one another, they know exactly where they are suppose to be and what they are suppose to do. What a world of difference it would be if humans were this obedient?! Noshoes I think you should take up beekeeping! They seem to be happy in your neck of the woods, plus I've heard so much about bees dying off lately and how much it can hurt the environment without them. Your doing something right for them to like where they are at ~;o) Great photos as always too!!


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