Monday, March 22, 2010

One giant leap towards socialism.

I guess it had to happen. This country needs to see that we are no longer government by the people and for the people.

Obama and the liberals in government have now made it official. They hate insurance companies yet they have just started the process of becoming the one and only insurance company in the nation. They will be the only insurance company with the power to tax you for your premiums and penalize you for access to medical care. If something is not done doctors will no longer in private practice they will be government employees.

This affords the American people a real good opportunity to stand up for the constitution and the freedom only it’s principles bring us. Sure the the congress will be cleaned out this next election but if the states are able to take the legal action to show just how corrupt and unconstitutional this whole scheme is it will render the liberals powerless to fundamentally change America by scrapping everything our country is built on. it will make it evident where the power really lies and that is the hands of every last citizen of this great country.

It is not going to come without sacrifice and these new progressive social schemes will create massive financial hardships but it is nothing we do not deserve for our laziness and ignorance.


  1. Ready to join the 912 project now?

  2. When people don't trust God, they fall for anything. They believe all kinds of lies because it's all we can do alone. People need to let go of their pride and eagerness to live life on their own terms and their own thoughts and go back to trusting God... Then and only then will people WAKE UP to what is really happening around us... Which of course is what you are already awake to... Glad to see one person out there who trusts God and sees the truth behind all this political healthcare bull crap! Great write Billy!

  3. Well said Noshoes. I stumbled across a link to a site where you can petition against the bill. Here it is if you are interested: Thomas Jefferson one said, "A govern-ment big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have."


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