Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nissan LEAF


  • It has no gas tank and no emissions.

The BAD:

  • It has toxic batteries that will likely not last the life of the car and need to be replaced at who knows what cost.
  • It is not zero emissions when you factor in the power plants needed to generate the electricity to charge the thing.
  • It cost about $3.00 to charge multiply that by a week and your paying about $21.00
  • It is about the size of a roller skate.
  • And here is the real insanity……………It cost $32,000 MSRP.

Should have call it the  Nissan Hype. There are no real solutions here only a new way to fleece the people of money by riding the wave of environmental sentiment. Pretty much a failure from the start if you ask me :)

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  1. Nissan Leaf? I wonder if they called it that because they knew it's what it'll look like when you get hit, a leaf... hmm? Makes ya think...
    This was a good write by the way... Thanks for all the facts that we usually ignore and overlook just because we are so lazy to care these days. We need people like you :) Keep writing and informing, always :)


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