Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baptism This Evening

There was quite a turnout this evening. There were some very compelling stories behind each of those being baptized. It was very inspiring. It was pleasing to see Scott with a couple of First Priority students making this statement of faith as well.


Here is the churches HD version



Today’s realization, Love cannot be found outside obedience to God. The reason being, God is love. Stay the course. You may find yourself in the most unusual circumstances but the joy and contentment you find in them will prove you are in obedience. Marry yourself to the conviction that you cannot know what will bring you the grandest fulfillment and unsurpassed pleasure.

I could never have anticipated that I would become “Mr. Billy” but now that I am, it is as sweet a thing as any I know and I presume this is a result of God’s undeserved favor. Do not be to proud to accept our heavenly father’s challenge to put aside the world’s shallow demands. Be willing to continue becoming the unique son or daughter God is calling you to be.  

The most valuable commodities in life are not commodities at all but people God chooses to turn in your favor. People who for all the right reasons and the best of motives believe in your righteousness. From the youngest to the oldest those who love you with the love of the Lord.