Saturday, January 30, 2010


        Today’s the day! That one time a year when the city of Tampa suspends alcohol and nudity laws to create it’s very own little anarchy zone. Ah the thrill of public intoxication! Using the neighborhoods of Tampa as one big toilet. The lights the sirens. For years Gasparilla has been getting more and more problematic but there are so many city leaders that cherish and participate in the debauchery of this day that they just keep letting it get worse.

        This year there have been enough complaints to bother the powers that be into increasing police presence. They have closed parking in the general area on a grander scale than ever which will be very interesting. They have been nagging everyone on the radio in television. They have banned the the coolers full of alcohol so prevalent in the past and have created “wet zones” which conveniently enough will be the only place parade goers will be able to purchase alcohol. I wonder if it will cost more from the vendor than at the local Publix grocery store

        It seems to me they have created a real problem. Your average stumbling drunk is and high school alcoholic going to get pretty testy with all the new tighter regulation when they come down to Bayshore to get all piratey. I bet Tampa has a record number of arrests this year. The police are going to be working in hyper drive if they truly enforce the laws that were so conveniently overlook in the past.

        I do not know how much the Hillsborough county taxpayer is out at the end of one of these nasty parades but it is to much. This community need to go back to the Gasparilla without the beer and boobs and spend the money to pay off any deficits our leaders are always complaining about.

        Be careful out there today everyone!

It gets a little senseless.

Even the announcers get with the program.


Arrests double for 2010 ,over 400 arrests, and that is on a cold rainy day! It is encouraging that the authorities have been given the blessing of our city leaders to finally do their job but it is a shame that they let it get to this point. We as a community need to stop allowing bad behavior to go unchecked with the notion that it we cannot live without the money that alcohol and gambling generate.

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  1. If only more people thought the way we do. What irritates me more is the amount of money that is flushed down the toilet. The cost of beads, beer, security, over-priced food and coustumes for these over sized kids to play dress up is staggering.A lot of these "krewes" do serve local charities. But the money wasted on 1 day of debachery could help so many people. With all the need out there, Haiti for example, the excess and waste are embarrising. Wendy


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