Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bullet Train

We here in Tampa Florida got a mention last night in his excellency Obama’s foul state of the union address. What a ridiculous kerfuffle it was and he will be here today. I am truly disturbed by these circumstances.

Have you ever  asked yourself why Florida does not already have a bullet train? Maybe you haven't but since the question is now fresh in your mind let me tell you the number one reason.

It will not be profitable!

In America, if something will make folks money and the government will leave well enough alone, you know it will come to pass in record time. G-whiz already, this thing would be an absolute money pit with the American tax payer’s dollars being dumped in by the government in truck loads. For you locals you can be sure that we would be paying more to buy and sell goods as well with a proposed sales tax increase to raise an estimated $180 million yearly to maintain the next to useless thing. Why can our “leaders” not learn by other’s mistakes?