Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The One Track Mind

The mind, in my experience, can only be occupied by a single subject or line of thinking at any given time. We can instantly change our course of thinking at will but we just as quickly put the first subject of thought out of mind into memory to accomplish the task at hand. To process information we focus our thoughts on an interest, problem, or whim.

Here is what amazes me when you are separate from individuals that you know by sight or voice and you are not thinking of them in their absence they affectively do not exist within the reality you presently experience. There are those few who are so valuable that the memory of them is triggered when making critical decision about future time but for the most part even those most attractive to us occupy only a small part of thinking time week to week.

If you use your memory to calculate the time you spend on any category of information during the last seven days of your life you will be left with a vivid picture of who and what currently effect your life. I try to keep my thoughts very thin when it comes to others and I find I am not alone in this discipline. I am delighted to have insightful communication but it rarely occurs and I seldom instigate it.

Grown up communication is in fact far more immature than the communication of childhood. Children truly share far more meaningful and honest interactions and it takes years to develop the ability to hide genuine thoughts and attitudes that reflect who we are. I do not like to live life in the mind numbing world of adulthood. I am encouraged when the truth comes to mind that God expects us to remain aware that we are His children and are to be like little children if we are to represent the kingdom He is bring to His creation.

In many ways it is a blessing that we are not capable of the kind of awareness that God our Father has. People do seemingly cease to exist when they are not at the forefront of our thoughts. We do experience great desire to know and be known by individuals we become infatuated with and these desires do fade time and again into the past. We have the restlessness about all of our relationships because we are headed for a kingdom in which we who receive Jesus for who He is will experience fellowship in a way we now only experience as a dim shadow of its true nature. In heaven the Bible says that the relationships we hold most dear will not exist in their present form. The exclusivity and precious intimacy with a select few will be replaced with the capacity, in our glorified state, with a perfect fellowship with all those who are the family of God. In heaven we will have the ability that God has now to love everyone perfectly.

The truth is we are given a limitless capacity to love now that we will only fully realize after our time on earth. When we practice to exercise Christ like love daily we begin to relinquish our desire to posses those we find attractive. We discover that true fellowship in never coerced or bought. We do not rush to be connected with those we desire to be near but make ourselves available from a comfortable distance and experience the pleasure of being quietly approached to have a head rested on our shoulder. It is more desirable to be wanted than needed and the joy of being chosen free of manipulation rather than to be settled for through flattery and obligation is a delight. Do not be afraid to give people the freedom to Love you. True relationships are brought about by God and true favor is motivated by the Holy Spirit.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21