Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Verizon Fios experience.

A few months ago my brother came to stay temporarily in the back room of our family’s residence. He always has pay television wherever he goes so he called Verizon and had fios installed. They came out and installed copious amounts of cable and equipment and presto my brother could watch television on more channels than you care see.

Within a couple of months my brother found that Verizon was charging for much more that he ordered. He was receiving bills for $150.00. Forty dollars of this bill was for fiber optic internet access which he did not want, had not requested, and had no computer to access it with. He called and requested they cancel it.

Here is where I have the pleasure of becoming a part of the misery. I have never paid a dime for TV and have no plans to ever do so. I do however use the internet and have been satisfied for some years with Verizon’s DSL. I was paying $17.99 a month ($215.88 per year which is still to expensive). When my brother canceled the fios internet service on his separate account and bamo my DSL no longer functioned. I called more than 12 times the first day and spoke with as many people both in the U.S. and abroad and got nothing but sales pitches and run around. What I wanted was to call once, inform them of the error, and have my DSL restored so that I could get on with my business and they could collect their $17.99 a month. What I discovered is the company’s seeming plan to deny DSL service to any address with a fiber optic cable running onto the property. I was also told that we no longer were capable of getting any service including phone service through the conventional copper wire that we are using even as I type this message. When I told them the facts of the matter they denied that it was the case and assured me things were just as they stated. It amazes the freedoms we forfeit all in the name of entertainment when we do business with immoral company's such as verizon. In the end we only have ourselves to blame for putting up with outrageous prices for the sake of "convenience".

My brother has canceled all Verizon services.

Questions that came to mind during the life wasted dealing with Verizon?

Why does Verizon not offer fiber optic internet at a lower speed and reduced price?

Does Verizon want customers to be forced to pay for more services than they require at prices that are extravagant?

What will happen to the citizenry of any community served by Verizon when they complete their lock on all communication to and from each residence?

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