Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Watched Expelled

I found it clever and inspiring. I thank you Mr. Ben Stein for your chutzpah.

I have long realized that those who deny God in fact enable the destruction of civilization as we know. This is because to conduct your life with the premise that you have haphazardly appeared on a rock in space that came from nothing on its way to nowhere is a recipe for madness. When you say there is no creator, no morality, no behavior that is evil you have effectively foster the makings of anarchy and this is what the government of these United States is determined to teach to the exclusion of any other ideas. An individual or group always rises to power and assumes absolute control of a country or region demanding complete allegiance. The general populace is coerced and killed by the tens of thousands. The inhabitance revolt and over throw after much misery and suffering and everyone rediscover the truth you cannot live outside of God’s design because like everything man has experienced form the beginning there is blessed order to the cosmos. It happens all the time over and over history shows. Like the very computer I use to post to the internet life itself in every aspect was programmed by God who we just happen to have been made in the image of and therefore operate in the same way. The original lie in the Garden was that we could be as gods but there is only one God and to say that He in not, is to make yourself god of your own miserable little life. To follow the teachings of one who says there is no God is to behave as though the man is all knowing and to place you future in that man’s delusional doctrine. There is nothing new under the sun folks. The very arrogance of these false teachers is glaring evidence of their lust for power. They are angry and bitter when anyone questions their reasoning. They are in need of what we all need and that is the grace of Jesus.