Saturday, March 15, 2008

Berean Academy Tampa

I was recently enlisted to retrieve two young people located at a local school. Now these two individuals are well known to me and it is pleasing  to be in there company. I agreed and on the appointed time took the GOBOX out on the highway to make the rendezvous.
I had previously gathered them from what is now the old campus and was quite  surprised with the what my eyes beheld on approach to the new facility. It is a large and efficient looking building.


This is where I might say that "time flies" and  "wow am I getting old" and "boy you sure have grown" but I detest clichés so I won't. I did however have the opportunity after seeing two families who children no bigger than a hobbit upon my last viewing and on this day appeared to be giants.
Time to write an epitaph and make all the final arrangement because "time sure flies". Clichés always seem to slip there way in don't they.
Update June 3, 2010
Apparently Berean has become insolvent.

I fear this is the way that most indebted institution are going in wake of today's economic reality. Even the church  I currently attend is in debt by a hefty sum and will potentially have serious issues next year. believers or not we are still all sinners and so many who claim name of Christ simply refuse to live within their means when the lure of all the world has to offer is so readily available through credit.