Saturday, January 5, 2008

City of Tampa Bus Adventure

Today a couple of the boys and I went on a bus adventure downtown! We have ridden the HARTline bus on a few occasion and it is a unique and exciting experience.

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

The folks that ride the bus do so for very specific reasons. I have given these motivations some thought and here are the ones I believe to be the most reasonable of many.

  • A bus rider might be in the seat next to you because they have vision so low they are not able to obtain a license.
  • The rider might be on the bus due to a lack of funds necessary to acquire another form of transport.
  • It is quite possible that the rider has lost driving privileges by repeatedly driving while under the influence of one chemical or another.
  • A bus rider may be attempting to save the planet by more efficiently using natural resources .
  • You may find that the rider is not eligible for a drivers license because they are not a citizen of the United States.
  • Mental illness is also a factor for some who utilize public transportation.

All in all a ride on the bus is an experience that I find liberating. It will challenge you to drop many of the stuffy inhibitions you  find so valuable in a "middle class setting" and embolden you to communicate on a more honest and gritty level. I have enjoyed my rides on the bus greatly and can see that those who travel daily on the same routes must really develop a sense of familiarity with their fellow passengers.

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

At the main terminal we disembarked and headed over to Oaklawn cemetery. It is also fascinating to wander the grounds of cemetery's and many people have made such a pursuit a regular activity wherever they travel.

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

I appreciate the headstones with heart felt expressions of  love. Short statements that really transmit the heart ache of  being separated from ones held dear.

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

It is kind of a tradition now for us to stop at Eddie & Sam's N.Y. pizzeria when we go on a bus adventure. Totally delicious and next to unbeatable pizza!

Adventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus SystemAdventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus SystemAdventure on Tampa's HARTline Bus System

We had a great time feeding the left over pizza crust to the seagulls along the Hillsborough River! Thanks for coming along boys! The rest of you my friends have got to try this adventure. You will have the greatest conversations at the bus stops and a day pass to ride all buses in town as well as the channel side trolleys is $3.25 per passenger!

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  1. Ravi,
    When we go to Missouri my mother usually wants to visit a cemetery where one relative or another is buried. I actually enjoy taking her on these outings because of the rich history and beautiful artwork and words of love etched on stone. They are usually old cemeteries in various states of repair.

  2. An epitaph speaks volumes. Mud walking was a delight this afternoon. Children are like a living epitaph. You and yours do exceedingly well.

  3. I used to work at Eddie and Sam's - I am from England and used to ride the Hartline daily. Great memories.

    I used to make about 900 usd cash a week - and although I could afford a car, due to my lack of a US visa, I rode the bus - which I loved (used to it coming from London)- there you go another reason why people ride the bus - because they are illegal aliens.

    Great photos - thank you!!!

    By the way do you remeber me?

  4. Great to hear from anyone who spent time serving that excellent pizza to the city of Tampa.
    Certianly you have pointed out another valid reason for using the bus.
    If you remember me I would be amazed. I cannot say I remember you without seeing you but I remember the pizza and stromboli very well!
    Thank you for you very interesting input it makes me feel like the world is a smaller friendlier place!


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