Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tasty Items I Have Consumed Lately.


Steak and potatoes on Sunday!


I found myself sharing a beverage with a wasp. As I sipped from the liquid on the inside of the glass the wasp slurped up condensation on the outside of the glass.

Home made pizzas hot from the little toaster over are so good!
What a country!


  1. Ravi, me thinks your momma's a good cook.

  2. Come on now give me some credit momma is not about to cook my meals.

    I do however annoy her to no end by asking the question "what am I going to eat momma?" ever time I feel the slightest bit hungry.:)

  3. Please forgive my assumption that your momma cooks for you. I should have known she raised you better than that.

    Have a good thanksgiving. Is this the holiday that your momma cooks those yummy cornish hens? Or is that Christmas? Anyway enjoy-whomever does the cooking!

  4. It really is not a far fetched assumption to anyone who knows me as well as ya do.

    Have a great Thanksgiving as well and do not let those mad shoppers in your family go off the deep end with those black Friday sales. When did shopping become such a manly pursuit anyhow?


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