Sunday, September 23, 2007

We Also Went To Cedar Key

Cedar Key

Putt the Manx cat Cedar Key

Tony's restauraunt Cedar Key

Tony's Restaurant Cedar Key

Calm Chowder Cedar Key

Clams Cedar Key

Grouper Sandwich Cedar Key

Pecan Pie Cedar Key

Cedar Key


  1. That's an awful cute cat. :) Did she attack you? She sometimes does that.

  2. I once had a little black cat Liza Jane and I used a special whistle to call her. I used the same and was warmly greeted at the top of the stairs. I am sure if she was feeling more frisky I would have had to defend myself.

    Every time I visit your beloved home town it becomes more and more mysterious and delightful. It is really a rare priviledge to be born in a place so wild and full of characters. Your husband has been so kind to give us a glimps of this special place you have married him into.


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