Sunday, August 19, 2007

Walkabout Fort Desoto Park

Zipped out to Fort Desoto Park in the GOBOX for the horizon rise.

Skyway- rom afar
The day was clear and the Skyway Bridge was plain to see even from a distance!

Skyway with cruise liner
Caught this cruise ship slipping out to sea.

North Beach Fort Desoto
Fort Desoto is a popular place especially on a Sunday evening. One of the many great things about this park is the wide open spaces. You can always find an area that does not feel crowded.

North Beach Fort Desoto
I beat the ship to the North Beach and was able to record some images as it passed the people on the sand.

North Beach Sea Oats
Some areas on the North Beach must look like they did a century ago when Florida was sparcely populated!

Horizon Rise
The earth's rotation about the sun's light was very nice this evening! It is always a lovely sight to see the rays of light streaming form behind the clouds. Light travels as particles through space and it boggles the mind to realize the light form the sun actually starts from its surface and travels all the way to our planet to sustain our lives. I do not think is merely meaningless chance that has set this in motion.

Horizon Rise Ft Desoto
There is quite a breeze and the air has a pleasently cool temperature.

Ft Desoto feather
I witnessed this feather fall from a bird to the surface of the water. A feather without a bird is a lonely and useless thing. There is no cure for loneliness only temporary distractions. We are all singularly unique and separate individuals. God is the only one who is with us always but He is invisible. It is possible to be more alone than ever in the midst of a multitude of loved ones. Wedie alone. When we understand loneliness we can truly be together. Together alone.