Monday, April 30, 2007

McCamping 8 Was Great!

McCamping site #79
Truly a wonderful time was had this season at Fort Desoto.

McCamping the best hammock in the world.

McCamping water tower across form the camping area.

McCamping Kieth and son seine netting.

McCamping using the seine net

McCamping little fishy

McCamping  Blue Crab.

McCamping Scallop

McCamping Scallop

McCamping star fish.

McCamping the North beach.

McCamping our group at the North Beach.

McCamping Raccons everywhere.

McCamping Racoons

McCamping making ready form smores.

McCamping on the way to the beach.


  1. That is what I said!

    To bad you and yours are not in this part of the country. You could come out and visit Fort Desoto during a McCamping trip. Your little ones could run wild without doing any real damage.


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