Saturday, April 14, 2007

JAARS Missions at the Airport 2007

I had the pleasure of attending the JAARS (“Jungle Aviation and Radio Service” began in Peru in 1948, operating as a department of SIL until it was officially incorporated in 1963. The original two aspects of service, aviation and radio, were soon followed by others. In recognition of the diversification, the acronym J.A.A.R.S. has been dropped and the organization is now just called JAARS Inc.) missions at the Albert Whitted airport. The main attraction for me was a $20.00 helicopter ride!

There were plenty of displays to educate the visitor about each of the functions of this ministry and other missions connected to this ministry.

These were neat little improvised devices ment to take the sting and itch out of insect bites. Missionary tested and approved.

Bart explained this interesting device to me.

The ride was very comfortable and I foun it to be far less stressful flying knowing that we could land virtually anywhere within minutes. Very smooth and thanks to the pilot who had the door removed on my side I was able to record glasre free images!

The pilot gave me a rundown on the aircraft.

For all you Tampa and Clearwater dwellers they will be flying tomorrow and next weekend here are the details!