Monday, March 19, 2007


I had a photo shoot this morning at 9:30. I met with some dear people at the Tampa Yacht club. It was blindingly bright but we managed to record some good images. The kids had a great time combing the beach for Horseshoe crab shells.

Something happened that caused me to realize a truth. The kind of truth that at first seems so evident as to be trivial but with further contemplation (and getting older and closer to death)is truly profound.

What sparked this realization you may ask? I spied with my little eyes someone who I dearly like. This is not unusual in the sense that I have grown attached in my mind to many people whom I see quite frequently. It is the context that makes it worthy of mention.

When we expect to see others we may become excited at there presence but we are prepared and ready with a plan of action. We are on standby to smile and we know what to say to move the thoughts of the other. Today I was caught by surprise. I thought I saw this someone but because we had both come to the same place quite independent of the other and at such and unusual time and place I did not at first believe it. I want it to be so and looked more closely. It was the very person I believed it to be.

In this case it was a delightful occurrence and lifted my spirits to a new high on this bright and chilly morning. It does give me pause to think that as I move through time and space I have an affect. At the sight of me those in my sphere have a reaction. As a follower of Jesus and with His influence and grace I hope to be an encouragement to those around me. I want to be a true friend and pray that even my enemies are at peace with me.

I am extra joyful today for the people I have seen and smiled at and waved to. God bless them.