Wednesday, March 28, 2007

House Painting

I have been painting our the family home. It has needed this for at least three years. We went with natural colors to blend the house with the surroundings. I still have three sides to go. So far our supplies including paint have added up to approx. $270.00 so each of the remaining sides will cost appox. $150.oo. We are pleaseantly suprised!

My brother and I did spend some money that I have not factored in. We always use a new project as an excuse to get a cool tool. This pressure washer form home depot is great and has made the job clean and efficient! It is a bit pricey but I would recommend it! The fan nozzle works well but the real winner is the orbital power nozzle


  1. Thank you thank you i need the encouragement to finish the job!

  2. Looks great billy I am impressed!

  3. I am excited! It is going to be great when the whole painting project is complete!


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