Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Thinking recently about identity I am saddened. Observation has shown me that children believe to be grown up or adult means to make many changes that are on the surface superficial but when enacted go straight to the heart of being.

I will boldly proclaim that God never intends for His people to replace the child they are with popular culture’s current ideals for what it is to be acceptable. To change ones appearance in response to mass market whims is far more than just a surface endeavor. When you allow yourself to be compelled to change even the simplest things for no other reason than fear of rejection, you are in fact abandoning your unique God given identity for a meaningless, ever-changing, and empty guise.

Be careful not to lose yourself to those who truly love you by presenting yourself an acceptable “individual” to those who would use you for their own pleasure only to discard you for the next thing. Be careful not to become one of those who uses and discards.