Thursday, December 7, 2006

Let Me Apologize In Advance

Zombie hamster with lad
Something I deliberately failed to mention about our little marshmallow and fire gathering was an appearance by one of the neighborhood boys. He is a good little chap, maybe a little on the mischievous side. I like him anyway and he has been respectful and obedient while in my presence.

Unbeknownst to me he has a little hamster named Hammy. When he showed up at the gate during or fire party he brought the little fellow with him. I went over to see the little fellow.

I was admiring what I saw when I noticed something was amiss. I said “hold him up where I can see him better”. Sure enough my eyes did not deceive me. Hammy has feet but not with flesh on them. Hammy’s feet consist of exposed bone from about mid ankle to the tip of what used to be toes.

Now you can imagine my shock and dismay at such a site. “How long has Hammy been missing the flesh on his feet,” I ask? “Two weeks,” comes the reply. “How did it happen?” “I don’t know,” he says.

Hammy was the picture of contentment even without his flesh. He was walking around on the grass as though nothing was wrong. Anyway it was disturbing so I thought I would share it with you cause that is what friends do.

Zombie Hamster