Friday, October 13, 2006


Photo shoot today. Not a pet photo shoot a girl photo shoot. Three of the flightiest, loveliest little gals you will see.

Snoopy is here cause he rode with me. He was a little perplexed seeing as how he barley knows me and all. He is a good fellow and patient. The kind of patient you can only get by being part of a family with three flighty girl. I enjoyed his company!

Hope you all are enjoying this weather. I mean you should be doing frivolous things somewhere where the weather can get all over you and make you feel five years old again. Do not argue with yourself about it just go and get in the weather.


  1. Thanks I found how to do backgorunds just the way I like.

  2. Snoopy looks sweet.

    The weather is amazing!! This is no doubt the most wonderful time of year. Any fairs or festivals to look forward to in Tampa?

  3. No joke about the weather...The last soccer game was wonderful... it really feels like fall.


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