Tuesday, October 17, 2006

About Truth

Just because you believe something is true does not make it so but what we believe is true affects everything about us and the way we behave. As you viewed the image of the bird above you made a decided what was true about its existence.

Some may say that it is a random occurrence in the cosmos. It is a product of chance collection of molecules that without any explanation developed against all probability and just is. To believe this to be true would make existence meaningless. In fact meaning within this conviction would not exist. The individual who accepts this as true recognizes that he or she answers to no one, that the notion of good and evil is ridiculous, and that they certainly should be able to behave any way they please. This conviction leaves the individual to desperately pursue anything that is pleasurable and self gratifying in an attempt to feel good before they no longer have life and existence. This belief enslaves the individual convicning them to seve their body which all to soon will be rotting in the ground.

Some may see this bird as a thing of beauty created by the hand of a loving God for his people. A creature designed to serve a purpose on a planet in a cosmos spoken into being by the God of the Bible. This individual will be encouraged to seek to know God more. This bird would be evidence of God’s love for us. Looking closely at the creature the wisdom and imagination of the designer would thrill the viewer. Here is a thing that flies through the air with its tiny body. Each feather working together to achieve this purpose. To have faith that God is here for us and to see Him is His creation has everything to do with how a person would live and behave. A person who believes the Bible is God’s Word and that His son Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life will live an altogether different life. I can say from experience that it is a life filled with peace and joy and purpose. It is a life of Liberty!


  1. The first sentence says it all. It is so sad to know someone who believes something to be true just because they were raised a certian way. You can tell them until your blue in the face that they are wrong, but until they choose to believe differently, they will continue to flounder around in life.Sad to say, I know someone like this...

  2. What amazes me is that people will repeatedly choose a life style and behavior that fails them time after time. They will try everthing but they will not give Jesus a chance.

    Sometimes the only thing pa person can do is pray it is up to the Holy Spirit after that.

  3. By the way...thanks for clearing up the mystery of the bird. Jana and I were pretty sure it had expired, but with you, one never knows...


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