Monday, August 7, 2006

Old Navy Yuck

Ran across this Old Navy ad in the paper recently and was amazed. The love of money truly is the root of all evil and Old Navy steps up to illustrate this point most effectively. How does the modern clothing retailer choose to appeal to their customer in this modern age?
They sell with promiscuity. Glancing at this ad reveals just about every unhealthy motivation plaguing today’s young and impressionable. Without a quam they systematically include every dismal pop culture preconception attempting to bring in the masses. It is tragic and shameful that today in the USA this is how we market everything to our population. Sacrifice the soul of our youth to the idol of money.

The gals between the guys are thin to say the least.

The small print says these are adult jeans and one look at the guy’s fly’s must be why.

The last days before school starts must be a prime time to advertise Jeans for adults.

Not since last summer’s big swimsuit sale have they used the line "Dive In Deep".

The positioning of all the lower halves is kinda close for a friendly conversation looks like there is no where to run for the gals.

Hey here is a great message from the pastor of the church I attend. It makes a lot of sense!
It will take a few minutes to download in Explorer
Listen now!

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