Sunday, August 27, 2006

Black Fly

This big black fly was in the back yard. I captured a few images of him and posted them to my stockxpert account.


  1. eeeeeeeeew..........good photos though....:) friend of mine just did a photoshoot of my new son...thought u might enjoy...if interested, stop on the way, i still have the digital rendition of israel's eye that you did, printed out and on my fridge.....

  2. Great macro! I can tell I'm going to really enjoy your blog. :-) My name is Margo, and I'm a born-again Christian, full-time mom and amateur photographer. I'm still new to photography. Would you mind if I asked you a question or two every now and then? I'm trying to learn all I can.

  3. Sure ask away and I will try to help when I can.

  4. Thank you, Billy!

    And I'm glad you liked Hoover's story. There's a great big catfish in Heaven tonight. ;-)


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