Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I just went and spent some quality time with a new little man named Joshua. He is four months into his out of body experience and seems to be loving it. K.C. and Monica are his proud parents. God has entrusted them with Joshua who is their number five. God bless you and yours Joshua.


  1. Joshua is an adorable little one!

    My brother is expecting his first baby any day now, and you've just given me some ideas for some cute shots. :-)

  2. Question: What was your aperature setting for these pictures?

  3. The images above were at 1/60s at f3.5. The trick is to have an off camera flash pointed at the cealing to create a bounce effect. That is how you get the soft even light on the subject.

    I use a optical slave with one of my external flash units.


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