Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Withered Finger

I know a woman who several weeks ago broke a finger, snapped it while trying to break up a fight between two dogs. She immediately reset it and then decided to remove her ring in case it began to swell. She pulled the ring from the finger and the pulling caused to bone to slip to the side once again.

The primary care physician wrapped it up until the orthopedic surgeon could have a look at it. A couple of weeks later when the dressing was removed for the specialist's inspection it was obvious that the finger was considerably shorter than it’s original length.

The image above depicts the finger after the specialist opened it up and used some hardware to make things right. It is going to very entertaining to watch the finger regain its former glory and everyone who knows the person the finger is attached to is excited to have her back to her fully functional self. She has been a model of patience during the whole ordeal and has done Jesus proud!