Saturday, July 8, 2006

Joshua Is Here!

Christine is coming home after seven weeks with the family in the image above.
Here is her final correspondence.

Hey to all,

Tomorrow (Sunday) morning (Sat night for you guys) I will be leaving here. Flying through the clouds over the wide ocean to come back home. Man, I can't believe its been 7 weeks here. 7 weeks...and 1 great God. One Who Is here and One who is moving, calling and drawing His own to the wind, I see His Spirit moving in. There is a thunderstorm of great proportions brewing in the sea...moving in, getting closer. It's like the gale that sweeps in before that storm...warning the inhabitants of that land that something is coming. Someone Who Is. He hears the desperate cries of those who are here already...those who plead and work for Him, crying out for the blind, the deaf, the lame, the dead...they are crying out for miracles. And He is coming, He is answering. He is whispering to those people. Telling them to look up at the sky. For He is coming. Gathering those whispered prayers unto Himself, with a force that even the gates of Hell cannot contain, this great Thunderstorm is coming. The glory of the One and Only is coming to this land. And it will come crashing, winding its way through the land, purifying, up to the mountain. It will creep through the mist that shrouds this mountain. And His creation will receive the salvation that it groans for...

look up. listen. do you hear Him?
the journey is just beginning...

dancing in the rain,


  1. You are welcome my new little brother. I am amazed at you ability to type fresh out of the womb but I regret to inform you you have misspelled Photo.


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