Monday, June 5, 2006

Night Bloomers & Grasshoppers

This is the blossom of a night blooming Cereus!

I transplanted the cactus that produces these blooms from a few segments my neighbor gave to me. Two years and now I can enjoy the results!

After photographing the blooms above I went around the yard and collected all the Southern Lubber Grasshoppers I could grab!

The final count was 71 and there were some I missed in the darkness.

Grasshoppers are strange.


  1. Grasshoppers down here in FLORIDA are strange. I had never seen a grasshopper that wasn't green until I moved down here!

    I'm curious.... what did you do with all of those 'hoppers after the photo shoot?

  2. I just let them hop away. They really do not damage a signifigacant number of plants in the yard so I do not have cause to dispose of them.


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