Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weedon On A Whim

I had some work to do today but not until 1:00pm which meant a 2hr. wait. I decided to see if I could borrow the boys for a little adventure.

Those responsible for their well being gave us the green light so we headed over to Weedon Island in the Wego.

It was a fine day and the park was very pleasant. We headed down the board walk to the observation tower.

The boys ran ahead and made it ot the top in very little time. They appreciate the outdoors very much and it makes me happy to think that this fact will serve them well in the futrue.

We enjoy the view from on high. There was also the obligatory spitting from elevation to see how long it would take to hit the ground.

The park has really come a long way and is a favorite spot to launch canoes and kayaks.

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The highlight of the trip was J’s discovery of a Gopher tortoise. The little fellow was un phased by our presence and went right on snatching grass for the sandy ground. Watching a turtle eat is very much fun. The thrust their head out on that wrinkled neck of theirs and chop down on some greenery,they then jerk back and commence to chewing.

When I was in my teens I came to the conclusion that when going on an adventure it is always better to find folks to take along. I made this a principle to live by in this life of mine. Shared experiences are richer and create a greater return on the time invested. I try to live this as much as I can. Sometimes things get in the way but today they did not.
I could have decided that the whole thing was too much trouble and just stayed put. If I had I would not have talked and laughed and run and climbed with three great little fellows. We would not have discussed police officers making traffic stops, buildings on fire and what might have caused the blaze, past adventures, and slurpees.

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  1. sun on it's way to China, or China on it's way to the sun... does it matter at 2?
    I suppose it does, but I'm sure my error will be corrected in her understanding soon enough. ;)

    I loved this post. I remember the first time I saw a turtle eating... I don't think I'll ever get over how amusing a sight it is :)


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