Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Media & The Florida Alligator

The local media has been whipping the average television viewer into a frothy, white, lather of late over alligators. I have been irritated to no end. I could not however have expected that the news, and its ignorant crusade to scare people into never leaving their home and the safety of endless breaking news, would have the comical effect it had in my existence today.

Today I had a photo shoot and you guessed it the shoot was to take place next to the “alligator infested” waters of a small lake in the Tampa area. I arrived early and went about scouting the edge for the best places to capture images. I happily took some images of the lovely lotus blossoms for my own personal stash. It was a lovely lake and a good location and I was feeling good about the chances of getting some really good images when the folks arrived for the shoot.

Time went by and the happy people arrived with their darling children. As we started making preparation for the shoot I hear a voice in the distance. Could someone be yelling to me at the top of their lungs from clear across the lake? Why yes I believe I see a gentleman over there on the other bank. What is that he is yelling? There are alligators in the water? Let me take a moment to say that it is nice to have fellow citizens concerned for your safety and if it were not for the fact that we are in little to no danger and the present climate of media educed panic over our reptilian friend who have roamed Florida since the creation I would have been far more appreciative but I was a little perturbed. I of course yelled back at the top of my lungs a thank you for his concern and was sure he was satisfied that he had just saved all of our live. Then I continued to complete the task at hand.

Half way into the shoot a security guard named Steve dropped by to inform us that he had received a call about our presence on the property. We told him what we were doing there and he did not seem to disapprove. He sheepishly told us that some one had called to inform him that a group of people were preparing to swim it the very lake we now standing next to and at the very same location to which he had responded. Who could have made such a call? Anywho common sense prevailed and he left us to our own devices and we finished the shoot.

I tell you this because I am frustrated. My frustration is with a society that has become completely helpless in the created world. Not only they helpless they are so insecure about this fact that they feel it necessary to freak the rest of the "helpless masses" into a state of panic over the silliest things. We are all going to die so let me ask you this, “how cool would it be to go after a desperate struggle with an alligator?”

Gee Whiz people get out of your homes and enjoy nature.

This reminds me of a couple image I photoshopped during the whole Steve Irwin contraversy.
Image 1 Image 2


  1. hey how did you put the baby alligators in on your computer?? Thats cool!

  2. I sure did lovely. Good ole photoshop makes the possibilities endless!

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. That is the coolest picture! It looks so real. Yikes!


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