Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Spotted June Beetle

I heard the drumming of wings and the tapping of exoskeleton on the front porch window this night. I jumped up and exited the home to find this large specimen hovering around. Once I had him in hand I could not get his hooks out of me. These insects are amazingly powerful for their small size and they are built like little tanks or tanks are built like them.

Life span: Adults live for approximately
two months. Grubs usually take under
12 months to become adults.
Diet: Adults will eat apple or banana slices
and also seem to enjoy fresh grape leaves.
Grubs fare best on a diet of
medium-decayed hardwood.

Notes: Females tend to be a little larger than
males, and are usually a little lighter in color.
They will lay eggs in substrate that is almost
completely rotten wood. During pupation,
the larval skin is shed but left nearly intact to
form a loose outer covering.

Common Names:
Spotted pelidnota, spotted June beetle,
grapevine beetle.


  1. Ravi,
    You should be a science teacher - oh wait, you already are!

  2. Great pictures. Creepy insect! Blech!! :-)

  3. Thank you both for makeing the strange little world I live in seem almost relevant:)


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