Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The teachings of Jon

Just finished watching this little gem of a documentary it is about Jon. Jon has to be experienced to be understood so I will not go into detail about Jon except to say he is a genius. If you would like to be lifted do what you can to get your eyes in front of the movie “The teachings of Jon”.

Thank you to Mrs. Owensby and your folks and siblings for blessing the world with this production. God Bless you more and more.


  1. Hi Billy,
    The teaching of JON sounds amazing! The lessons we can learn, from the most special people. Thank you for sharing JON story's he is a blessing to all in this world!

  2. Chris and I also watched this last night! What an amazing story!! We really enjoyed it. We can learn so much from Jon and Cameron they touch your heart in a way no one else can!


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