Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Brother In Greece!

Hey brodo!!!!

Greetings from the edge of the Aegean Sea! Tell mama I love her and dad too. Mother would love this place. Linda Shop is amazing and you my friend would not be able to stop capturing images. The island is more than I expected. I have not been able to wet my line yet due to meeting and greeting the Greeks, but I should be able to wet my line tomorrow. Looking forward to fishing next to the ancient Greek boats. The festive atmosphere of the parade last night was inspiring. They seem to think there is a coralation between dynamite and the Christ child. I have had octapus tentacle and shrimp that we would call lobsters, they were huge. The atmosphere in the town square is jovial. Watching the endless amount of mototcycles and mopeds drive by, each driver and passenger is more consumed with fashion than the other. But you will get to experience that for yourself when you and mom come. Just a quick note to let you know everything is going splendedly. Love you guys, tell Odis we miss him.

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