Saturday, April 1, 2006

Bumble Bees & Baby Showers

Today I was employed to capture images of a baby shower. It was a joyful celebration and there was a sumptuous meal to boot. I noticed quite a bit of activity in a flower garden just beyond the front door of the home. It was bumble bees feeding to their hearts content.

There were black bumble bees, black and white bumble bees, and my personal favorite black and yellow bumble bees. I was able to capture a few good images, five out of thirty maybe.

The bees were very interesting to observe. They would get into fights when one or more was interested in the same cluster of flowers. Bumble bees are as feisty as a bunch of old women at a thrift store sale.

As I was capturing images of the pleasantly plump mother to be and various friends and family we noticed a crane having a heated property dispute with his or her own reflection in a car window and rear view mirror. It was quite amusing.

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  1. Billy - your photos are absolutely amazing!!!!!


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