Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And Growing Some More

The baby birds no longer pop their heads up when I pull aside the leaves hiding the nest. They are now aware that it is a danger to react to quickly and they hunker down in the nest and try to look like they are part of the tangle of twigs.

The feathers are now beginning to fill out and it will not be long before they are hopping around the inside of the small tree.

The parents are never happy to see me poking around and they swoop down and peck me in the back of the head when they get the opportunity.

A bird in the hand.


  1. My how fast they grow! And God is in the midst - meeting all their needs! How Great is our God! I love checkin' in on your site to see your latest photos! Keep it up Billy!

  2. Thank you both! With encouragment like this I am sure to keep it up.

  3. Amazing... Truly heartwarming. :)
    What a treasure!


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